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Top quotes of Narendra Modi’s speech on Independence Day 2016


Here are the updates from his Independence Day speech Red Fort

*The way people of Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir have thanked me, they have thanked the whole population of my country. I want to offer my gratitude to these people

*In Peshawar, when innocent children were killed in a terrorist attack, India’s parliament was crying. The whole nation was shedding tears for those kids

*Violence does not have any place in our country. In the name of Maoism at the forest areas and in the name of terrorism at the borders, violence is being carried out

*A nation which is divided because of reasons like caste and religion cannot achieve great things

*Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar and saints like Ramanajunacharya have stressed on need for social unity

*We all will have to rise above the evils in our society. Only then we can make a robust and succesful India

*We don’t do anything in bits and pieces. We have an integrated approach to our work

*Guru Gobind Singh (10th Sikh Guru) used to say ‘the hand which never did any Sewa, how can i consider that hand pious?’ I want to congratulate our farmers for their hardwork

*Just three hours from Delhi, in Hathras, there is a village Narda Patela. It takes only three hours to reach there from Delhi but it took 70 years for electricity to reach that village

*After 70 years of Independence, the nation has changed. Now the people don’t get satisfied by a mere declaration of policy or plan. Now it expects to see the changes on grassroots.

*Today i am not only going to talk about policy but also about intention

*There are a lot of problems which our country faces but we also have 1.25 billion people to solve these problems

*Whether it is Panchayat or Parliament, whether it if Gram Pradhan or Prime Minister, everyone will have to fulfil their responsibilities to achieve the goal of ‘Surajya’

*India is a thousands-year-old civilization. From Bhim of Mahabharat to Bhim Rao (Ambedkar), our journey has been long.