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Odisha , Shine and Shame : The Barabati Issue


It is a humilation . Humilation for posting a platry total of 92 runs only on the board . But cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. India had a 6-1 probably winning -losing stats against the Proteas before the start of the series. And they took the first bilateral series by a unassailable margin of 2-0 winning lead. Like this ,the game moves on. We won , They won . We beat them , They beat us. It is a wheel of Cricket. Bangladesh was a minnow for a greater point of time and now they defeated Pakistan , India and South Africa. My point is very clear here . As a fan and follower of cricket , We should celebrate our wins and should equally accept the losses . Coz this is something that rolls cricketing world and teach us the sportsmanship.


I am an Odia . I took pride for all my culture , for my rich heritage , history and all things . Being a resident of Cuttack who used to spent half of the evening at Munu Khatti near Barabati Stadium , I have a deep sense of pride when I watch it from close quarters. While seeping the cup of tea mixed with delicious Elaichi , I count my blessings. I feel myself proud representing those four crores of people of Odisha living in the state and outside by giving them the information of ODISHA CRICKET  . It is a big feeling for me. I count my blessings for Maa Katak Chandi Teample, Baliyatra and so on. Every time I go to Brabati Fort , it seems watching the wars of the past in front of the eyes now. Being a student of Ravenshaw University , the feeling is unparalled.This is the feeling of being an Odia and specially Cuttackia. But now the downpulling and mean attitude kill us every time before we are doing anything good. We can’t deny all that . Because every time one odia goes up, we start pulling him/her down . leave all that . After all we have a rich heritage. Don’t we ? No photo collage can describe us.


Come to the point of yesterday. What happened to the crowds ? We were verging towards a serious defeat . No problem . You were buying tickets in 1k-2k in black that doesn’t mean India will win every other matches here. Because this is cricket . A game of uncertainities. Winning and losing are the part of it. Yes , Indians are playing below par yesterday . But what we did yesterday night was not something that world want to watch. Cuttack is the prime centre of attraction for the world because that was going to host one of the amazing clash of the titans. A match between India and South Africa that simply means It is a high TRP for star sports for sure. It is a great opportunity for us to showcase our cultures to the whole of the world. And we did something that was nothing other than a shit.

I was at the press Box yesterday as the press box announcer . While talking with a delegate journalist from South Africa about the matter, He then told me a simple line : “ why cuttack then ?”. This was sufficient to bring tears to my eyes. A person of Odisha who is both personally and professionally attached with Odisha Cricket always loves to watch a match at Barabati Stadium can’t hear a line like this . Can he ? It is always a moment of pride for me when I saw the crowds entering with this enthusiasm . But what happened yesterday , I am shocked ,Cuttack .

Finally I want to say Grow up people. Love your city , Love your state . It is all our identity . It all that matters to us. Be a sportsman. Love it . Coz It gives us a reason to love our country.

I wish , wish from core of my heart that this shouldn’t happen again at any point of world . Cricket should be cherished for the sake of the sportsmanship.  Hope it will be the gentlemen game forever.  Cricket not only includes its players but also me , you and all of us those who follow this sports for the sake of love towards it.

Sorry South Africa , Sorry entire cricketing fraternity. Sorry to all other part of India. A sincere sorry to the whole world from an Odia.