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Sarathi Baba Scandal News – Videos and Photos


News 7 Tv channel aired an exclusive story on Sarathi Baba with pictures of Hotel Golkonda of Hyderabad where Srimad Sarathi checked in with a girl in hotel’s Room No 607.Srimad Sarathi baba, popularly known by his million followers who always said that he is the incarnation of God has at last been exposed. The self-proclaimed God, providing ‘bibhuti’, honey or tulsi from air .

According to his one time sevak – Kailash Chandra Mallick the Baba eats non-vegetarian foods regularly Mr.Mallick also said Baba loves to take liquor along with his royal food.

Kailash Chandra Mallick also accused that many young girls use to spend exclusive time with the Baba in his private room. According to Mr Mallick mostly the age of the girls are from 22 to 27 years.The lady checked in was identified as wife. His menu included ‘tandoor chicken’, ‘foreign liquor’ and many more.