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Sooraj begins Hero promotion from Konark


Sooraj picked the world famous Konark Sun Temple in Odisha to start his promotional tour for his upcoming film Hero. ‘Aditya’ means suraj (the sun). Since Sooraj was a kid , his mother Zarina Wahab made symbolic things to emotionally connect Sooraj with the sun.Like she had got a sun designed on the ceiling of his room which had a light in its centre.His cupboards were painted the sun’s yellow colour. So at night, when the light came on, it looked like the sun and many more .While Sooraj was staying at Puri, he woke up at 4 am to drive to the Konark Sun Temple (an hour from Puri) to take the ‘Sun’s’ blessings when it rises in the morning. This is the first time for a Bollywood star to seek blessings of Lord Sun prior to his film release.

About Konark Sun Temple , Odisha : The Sun temple at Konark is one of the seven wonders of India.The magnificent Sun Temple at Konark is that the fruits of Orissan temple design, and one in all the foremost beautiful monuments of spiritual design within the world.Built by the King Narasimhadeva within the thirteenth century, the whole temple was designed within the form of a colossal chariot with seven horses and twentyfour wheels , carrying the sun god, Surya, across the heavens. Surya has been a well-liked deity in India since the Vedic amount . Also read about Chandrabhaga Sea Beach , Konark

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