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Shocking Sarathi Anthua Gopal Leela-Must Watch


While going through the video , one question must be in your mind . Whom to blame ? Is it the person who claims to be God or is it the people who believed blindly .Another question also knocks my mind – In the land of Lord Jagannath do we really need any self proclaimed God for worship ! (Find the video below)

One after another many hidden secrets coming out about the Self proclaimed Baba and here is the most shocking one – People used to offer the wives to the Baba for “Palanka Seva ” . The seva crosses all heights of shamelessness. The self proclaimed Baba alias Santosh Rahul is now in judicial custody . The Godman used to enjoy the newly-married women on the fourth night of their marriages.This shocking news came to limelight when a 23 years old women of Depur Kansar , Kendrapara lodged a complainy. According to her his husband who works at the ashram managed to take her to the ashram on the fourth night for the above said seva despite her objections. She got married earlier this year.Watch the video and know the shocking Anthua Gopal Leela , the women used to breast feed
Sarathi on Janmastami .