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Sai Anish Pattanaik : The wonder kid of Odisha


Sir Sai Anish Pattanaik ,the wonder boy of Odisha who got 3 national records and many more by recognizing more than 60 types of cars.The little genious is also been appointed as brand ambassador for “SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD” group of schools by Mr.Amol Arora,vice chairman cum Managing director,”SHEMROCK & SHEMFORD” group of school on a press conference  on 09.01.2016 claims his father Mr.Saroj Kumar Pattanaik.

He also says, his son Sai Anish Pattanaik.He was born on 14.07.2013 only 3 yrs 2 months can able to recognize 61 types of cars in only 1 min 40 sec at one shot.Not only that he is also able to recognize cars by seeing physically.As per his father we go on roads with him he recognize cars.

As per his father,he has a interest on cars since childhood.At 2.5 years of age he can recognize 40 types of cars.

A little about Sai Anish Pattanaik :

DOB: 14.07.2013

Hails from : Sunabeda,odisha

Father: Er saroj kumar Pattanaik (AMIE(MECH.))


Mother: Er Swarupa Patnaik. (BTECH (ELECT.))

He is selected for two National records one is from “India’s world records” and ” Incredible book of records”
At this tender age of 3+ years,he has recieved three national record in

1. India’s world records
2. Incredible book of records
3. World records India