Mother and motherland is greater than heaven


It is truly said mother and motherland is greater than heaven and being an Odia is the greatest gift ever you have .

1: You don’t understand food without daali.

2: You have learned & taught yourself the odia ecosystem aaje-baaje,ghara-dwara,khaiba-peeba, mota-sota, peta-patna. 

3: Your Sundays were & are all about chicken and mutton????

4: chicken jholo makes you dance with happiness.

5: Every New Year calendar starts with charting out festival dates for new clothes!

6: Only you know the magic of the afternoon nap.??


7: As a kid, you were maniacal for half marks in your test papers.

8: “padhibu na nahi!!!” was your childhood anthem.????

9: As a mischievous kid, you have faced some realt lovable words like “gadha” “ghusuri”

10: You have a serious committed relationship with chakuli and pitha.

11: Even if you are almost dead after a heavy meal, you should be ready for the world’s most innocent questions: bhalare khailu ti? arrey lajja kan karuchu? au tike ne…??

12: Kemiti achu will always be greeted by “chalichi”.??

13: You have learned never to respond to your old uncle asking you ‘chinhi paruchu mote?’.Because once you act squeaky & say yes, you’ll be counter-asked the most deadly question,‘kahilu mu kie!’ & your life will fall like a pack of cards.

14: For you, distance is never kilometres. It’s always in minutes.?? “arrey kouthi achu?” answer – “au 5minit”

15: You need a jaka takiya for a peaceful sleep ??

Feel Proud being an Odia , specially dedicated to those who are away from home and must be missing the above mentioned points. Share with your Odia friends ..