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Points to remember before marriage – For Indian Men


1. Dowry isn’t always demanded by ‘torturing’ the bride.

2. A lot of young men end up going bankrupt, spending all of their savings on their weddings, just to live up to the society’s expectations. Is it really worth it?

3.It is high time we let go of gender roles in a marriage. You’d have to put in equal effort to make it work. Help her with the household chores just as she helps you with the finances.

4. No matter how much we may have broadened our minds, even today, a woman’s virginity seems to be a big deal for Indian men.

5. It is not only unfair but extremely regressive of a man to expect his wife to change her second name after marriage.
6. It’s so deeply imbibed in the Indian culture that the girl’s parents would bear all the wedding expenses; most of us don’t even realize how much undue pressure it is upon them.
7. It is strange how convenient it is for an Indian man to make his wife stay with his family without having to give anything up himself. When a girl agrees to leave her home and live with you for the rest of her life, you owe her equal respect and love towards her family.
8.Do not marry just to have children. Marrying for the wrong reasons can ruin lives – yours, your wife’s, your parents’ and more importantly, your kids’.

9. It is a shame that something as prevalent as marital rape in our country isn’t punishable under the law, yet. There’s no excuse for domestic or verbal abuse, and of course, marital rape.

10. Lastly, Indian men must stop seeing their wife as replacements for their mothers. No, she may not look after your family like your mother may have been doing and she may not be the household cook and it is perfectly fine.