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10 reasons to watch Pilata Bigidi Gala

  • Your love for Sabysachi , Archita and Papu pom pom will grow many fold after watching Pilata Bigidi Gala .
  • Full the fun : Not only will ‘Pilata Bigidi Gala’ guarantee chaos and confusion, and all the charectors be it the leading actor Sabyasachi or Bijay Mohanty , they will make you laugh and jump in your seat from the beginning to end of the film .
  • Archita looks more glamorous and in a complete different role from her other films .
  • After Sabyasachi & Archita , Ollywood comedy star Papu pom pom is one of the biggest USP of the film and as audience knows where there is Papu , there laughter .
  • The title song and Nisha Nisha will take you on a tour to some of the exotic Locations of Thailand and the songs are beautifully choreographed and are first of its kind in Ollywood .
  • After a long gap , Odia Cine lovers get to watch an out an out comedy film and the film has all that a comedy masala movie should have .


  • Lipsa plays the role of love interest of Papu pom pom and looks stunning in her charector .
  • Film’s music: ‘Pilata Bigidi Gala’ features music by Prem Anand and songs also sung by Human Sagar , Sri Charan , Sabyasachi among others.The chocolate star Sabyasachi’s fan will be get the chance to see their favorite star latest avatar as singer . Yes , He has given voice to the title track of the film .
  • The storyline of the film is out of box and rare in Ollywood . The story revolves round a lie by lead actor Sabyasachi . The film is an honest example of the tagline – “To hide one lie we have to speak hundred more lies” .
  • Director Basant Sahoo , who has always experimented in his film , has surely succeeded in making actors who mostly played serious roles  like Sabyasachi , Bijay Mohanty , Kuna Tripathy play their comedy part perfectly .Finally all credit him and Pilata bigidi gala is going to be the most successful film of him .