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Odisha T-10 Leg Cricket team players list


The team list of National U-19 Leg cricket team has been declared. Bargarh boy Chandan Ray who lead the victory against Nepal in the International series in 2013 will head the domestic Leg Cricket team from Odisha as captain.

The 5th National Leg Cricket Championship is to be held from 21st to 23rd May, 2016 at Mathura, UP. The sport that has recently gained much popularity will see 10 teams participating- Odisha,Delhi, Maharashtra, Vidharba, , Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir.The Odisha team is scheduled to arrive at Mathura on 19th May from Jharsuguda.

Players list

  1. Chandan Ray (Captain)
  2. Tushar Meher (Vice-captain)
  3. Purusotam Agarwal
  4. Anshuman Behera
  5. Agnesh Nayak
  6. Siddhant Singh
  7. Soumya Behera
  8. Abhijeet Singh
  9. Sushil Behera
  10. Manas Sarkar
  11. Soumya Sahu
  12. Asish Sengupta
  13. Iqbal
  14. Naresh Gupta
  15. Rohit Ranjan

Coach: Niranjan Mahakur
Team Manager: Ranjit Mishra



Leg Cricket is not cricket but is queit similar to Cricket in various ways.It is played on a circular ground with radius 80 to 120 feet.The Pitch is 8 feet wide and 42-48 feet longer (according to age group or category).The game is played between two team consist 11+4 player in each team.Winning the toss the captians decide legging or fielding.The bowler roll down the ball (under arm balling) and the legsman hit the ball. He score single, double, triple run by running across the pitch or score four/six by kicking the ball out of the boundary (as in cricket).

A legsman will be declared out if he/she touch the ball twice or kick with wrong leg.He/she will be declared catch out, run out, hit wicket etc. like in cricket.Team, which score more run will be declared winner and the player who score more run/wicket will be declared the man of the match


Leg Cricket Federation, India is the apex governing body, affiliated by International Leg Cricket Council and Federation of Asian Leg Cricket, for all leg cricket championship and events in India. Its Head quarter is situated at PoothKhurd, Delhi, India.