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Odisha building new future for itself


The chief minister said while inaugurating the 20th Enterprise Odisha event on friday that Odisha is building a “new future” for itself to become a beacon of success and prosperity not only in India but also across the globe.“For this future to be a reality, Odisha is looking to attract and enable investments from around the world.He also announced the launching of a new ‘Invest Odisha’ logo.

CM said “This new logo and identity is more than just a new look. It signifies and embodies the change that Odisha is undergoing to become the investment destination of choice in India, and the diverse investment opportunities that the state has to offer across different sectors,” The new identity is also a testament of the enduring brand of Odisha to attract and support industrial development and the prosperity of its people.

“Our Vision 2019 for industrial development is to achieve 60 percent increase in manufacturing growth with a year-on-year growth of 15 percent, and 25 percent increase in employment through manufacturing,” said the chief minister.

To achieve this vision, he said the state government has taken up a number of new initiatives for industrial development.

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