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Model arrested for running begging racket


The Commissionerate Police of Odisha arrested a former model from a Bhubaneswar based slum for engaging minors in a begging racket and extorting money from them . The accused was identified as Jitu Patnaik who had walked ramps with Bollywood stars like Rahul Dev in the 90’s.

The accused has also famous in those times . But his dream to a career in modelling in Mumbai failed to take off .In result he was out of money and luck & returned back to Bhubaneswar struggling for every little thing and started the begging racket few years ago.In the initial stage he promised the kids and their family to support them financially and to look after them. He then went on to train the kids on how to cry, act and beg properly in order to make more money.As a daily ritual, Jitu used to pick the kids up from Saliasahi slum of Bhubaneswar every morning in his own vehicle and drop them at various temples, shopping malls, theaters and other busy junctions of the city asking them to beg. Then he met the kids once again in the evening to collect the money.

As per one of the rescued kids, he only provided them food and dendrite and that was all they got for their day long humiliating work. At least that is how the ritual went until yesterday, when locals took notice of his act and tipped off the cops.The Commissionerate police arrested Jitu Patnaik & are investigating the matter to see if there are more people involved in the begging racket.