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Budhia Singh – Born To Run reviews


What’s Good about the film : The story of movie is all about Budhia Singh and his coach Biranchi Das and their race for recognition. Also, in terms of sports dramas, this one stands out!

Why Watch the film ?: The movie was formerly titled Duronto (having few stops), Budhia Singh – Born To Run is certainly worth a watch. It is moving,exciting and sad all rolled into one.If you don’t know Budhia Singh, you must watch this!

What viewers Say :

The film revolves around Odisha’s wonder boy Budhia Singh who took the media by storm in 2005-2006.Budhia coming from an extremely poor background,after being sold by his mother, Sukanti (Tillotama Shome), for 800 bucks to a bangle maker,Budhia’s life could have been a hell as a lifetime slave. What changed his life was,popular Judo coach Biranchi Das (Manoj Bajpayee). The man who ran a training school as well as an orphanage and made sure to change the future of the underprivileged kids of Odisha, who were otherwise dying of hunger.

After taking Budhia under his shelter, Biranchi tries to discipline the child and as a punishment, asks him to take rounds in the yard. While Biranchi and his wife Geeta (Shruti Marathe) leave for their errands and come back in the eve, the boy keeps running without a halt from morning to evening & it catches Biranchi’s eye and he is certain that Budhia is God gifted and must be trained for Marathons.

Thus, what leads ahead is Budhia’s training, his exceptional Bhubneshawar-Puri 65 km run and Biranchi’s mysterious end.