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Best heart touching lyrics by Nizam


The steller lyricist of Odia film industry Nizam is was in critical state and was undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Bhubaneswar passed away at the age of 62 .This great lyricist has written many famous songs which are still popular among Odia music lovers.He started his career in the year 1977 with Anutap and from then there is no looking back for him. He has contributed thousands of songs to his film industry.Nizam had penned many famous songs, including ‘Hrudayara Eei Shunyata Ku Aaji Pachari Mu Jebe Sune’ , ‘Mu Je Eka Pagala Bhanra’ and many others . He left the film industry with a shock , but his lyrics will be in the heart of every Odia music lovers forever .

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Here are some of his most beautiful lyrics : 

1 . Sathire I Love You  (Odia Album)

2. Hrudayara Ehi Sunyata Ku – Samar Saleem Saimon

3.Janha Aamaku Luchi Dekhuchhi – Manini

4.To Bina Laagane Bhala Kichhi – Phula Chandana

5.Mun Paradeshi Chadhei Gaaibara Sapna Nei – Manini

6. Bhala Pai gali sina janena – Ame ta Toka Sandha Marka

7. Nida bhara Rati  – Anutap

8.Prathama Prema ra prathama Cithi  – Odia Album

9.Tora Udi Udi Jae Kani – Samar Saleem Saimon

10.Mun Je Eka Pagala Bhanra Parichaya – Samar Saleem Saimon

11.Kichi Katha Baki rahe – Janha re Tolide Ghara (Odia Album)

12. Jhumi Jhumi Jae Mana Janha re Tolide Ghara (Odia Album)

The list doesn’t end here . The proof of his heart touching lyrics will lie in this fans heart forever .

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