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Achyuta Samanta’s pioneering work


While KISS & KIIT is one among the prestigious institutions in the state , most of us may not know about the legendary person behind the incredible journey of KISS.

KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences) is a temple of education where about 50,000 students mostly from the remotest tribal areas, come to get an education that is free .From kindergarten to postgraduate studies.But the tale doesn’t end here.In addition to the free education, KISS provides free meals and lodging to each of these 50,000 children in the belief that real education is the only tool of empowerment.What made me more curious to know about the incredible personality is that the ratio of the students favors girls.Sixty per cent of the students at KISS are girls which is no doubt the brightest example – something that the nation keeps talking about but does precious little over.It is thus, not surprising that KISS spends Rs 50 lakhs each day – yes, you read right, each day – on food and lodging. Dr.Samanta started all this in the year 1993 with just Rs 5,000 and 12 students. Today, 50,000 of the poorest of poor benefit from his vision and his commitment.So, while KISS is free, the money to fund KISS which also has 50,000 students,comes from KIIT (Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) a multi-disciplinary University.It boasts of the largest library for law, has a fully functional hospital ,a medical school and a business school. Four hundred acres of an education city which very few have heard of, or even care to learn about.

The reason we are publishing this is because there are very few personalities like Dr.Samanta in India and even fewer who get their share of recognition.It may seem Ironic to know many international governments have collaborated with Samanta – not with money (he has never taken a penny from any one or any government) – but in terms of knowledge and processes.The time for India to produce more Samantas has never been more acute.The Samantas give the India of today, great hope. They care not for caste or creed. Or for gain or publicity but just for what they have set out to do. That is actually the cornerstone of enduring inspiration.

The young entrepreneurs should know about him and his life should be a case study in B-Schools. There is a lot to learn about the person who lost his father in his childhood and now the hope of  many.